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February 5, 20210
Policy Focus: Common Sense Utilities

I had some interesting conversations with about half a dozen Murray citizens over the last week regarding Murray utility billing, around which there is quite a bit of frustration. I’m working on setting up a meeting with a city to get some questions answered and a better understanding of what’s going on and what solutions may be available to make things work better. The folks I talked to identified two main issues that seem to be very consistent across the community.

1. The bills are too darn high
2. It’s tricky to pay

A lot of the folks I talked to had a particular challenge after moving to ‘equal pay’. Things went smoothly until the beginning of this year, when their bills shot up; for many of them WAY up, 30% or more. That was pretty shocking and they couldn’t understand why the change happened unless there was an increase in rates.

It’s also very hard to use the payment portal. You have to click through the website quite a bit, enter more than one account number, and it’s apparently difficult to set up automatic payments with the kind of flexibility people need to keep their budgets balanced.

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