CampaignMurray Fun Days Parade

July 3, 20210
I had such a wonderful time at the Fun Days Parade!

I met so many new neighbors, bumped into a lot of old friends, and hope made some new ones. I love the way communities grow when they come together.

A man asked me today- what’s your platform? We didn’t have a lot of time so I tried to boil it down to one word, and I went with “community“.

The challenges Murray faces- issues like concerns about density, increases in crime, and a city that traffic can make tough to navigate- all come back to community. If we can make Murray a city where everyone knows their neighbors, where there are places to gather around each corner, and where the things we want and need are right in town, we will find that those other problems begin to fade.

I think the city has the tools to do that- I see a future of pocket parks, pop-up block parties, and nonprofit partnerships that create opportunities to meet each other and make new friends around every corner. These simple measures are an accessible, affordable way for the city to support a wholesome, friendly community.

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