CampaignSmart Development: Supporting Community through Infrastructure

July 20, 20210

Communities grow up within and influenced by the streets, sidewalks, parks, and amenities that they are built upon. Narrow lanes, tree-lined sidewalks, and places to go and be together can be transformational. The word ‘infrastructure’ conjures up images of pavement and steel, but when I think about infrastructure I think about how it can support thriving communities and create a sense of a neighborhood.

Murray needs to make infrastructure investments. Try to walk from a Trax station to the city park or local shops and you’ll see what I mean. Your trip will be long, exposed to the elements, and you will have to cross busy, high-speed roadways as well as navigate streets without sidewalks, weedy vacant lots, and enormous empty parking lots.

The city is going to see significant funds coming in from the state and federal government for infrastructure investment. We should use those funds to create a city for the people who live here, and not for the cars that drive through here. I support using those funds on sidewalks, bike lanes, and crosswalks. I do not support widening any street in Murray. Where traffic has created a problem for local residents, we must use smart innovations like improving intersections and not ever add lanes to our roads.

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