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August 4, 20211

In recent years, the writing has been on the wall. We live in a desert and we can expect our summers to be long, hot, and dry. Tackling the many challenges presented by increasingly severe drought seasons will take a wholesale effort, but perhaps the most key objective will be reducing our water use.

Water conservation has to start with the city. Murray can take these steps to reduce our water usage:

  • Diligently restrict watering to dawn and dusk.
  • Review city landscaping and ensure we are only using grass landscaping in areas where people gather and play
  • Replace decorative landscaping with water-wise localscapes that need very little or even no watering.
  • Explore installing smart water controllers to make sure we only water when the soil needs it.

We can also do more to help residents and businesses make water-wise choices:

  • Support Salt Lake County’s ‘flip your strip’ program to get more Murray parking strips water-wise
  • Relax landscaping ordinances and encourage local businesses to localscape their landscaping
  • Educate residents about how to create beautiful, water-wise, usable landscapes in their homes and spread the word about how our neighbors have tackled this challenge.

Reducing our water usage is the right thing to do for the environment, and we’ll also find that it saves us money in the long run as we reduce our water bill and landscape maintenance expenses.

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