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September 20, 20210

Keeping our air clean is a critical part of becoming a 21st Century city. Although much of society’s focus is on the reality of climate change, Murray and other Salt Lake County cities must also tackle the challenges of local air quality, which is a pressing public health issue that increasingly challenges us year round, not just during winter inversions.

I support Murray’s push towards a 100% non-carbon-emitting portfolio for Murray Power and other local policies to confront climate change, and also a number of policies that will improve our local air quality in the short term as well as paying dividends long term in reducing Murray’s carbon footprint.

  • Ensure that Murray’s fleet and equipment scheduled replacements use low- or no-emission engines, everything from snowplows to leafblowers.
  • Design streets and invite development that gets people out of their cars and walking from place to place.
  • Invest in bikeability along Murray’s commuter corridors like Winchester, 700 West, and Vine street in order to reduce idling and car trips.
  • Support future investments in mass transit and design a city that is transit friendly, so workers and shoppers can leave their cars at home.
  • Support county programs to help residents replace wood burning stoves and gas-powered equipment that disproportionately pollute the air.

I’m excited to get to work building a city that encourages a low-carbon lifestyle, and making sure that the government itself is doing everything possible to reduce local pollution. If we do it right, we will be making our city safer and healthier for the elderly and vulnerable and also leaving a better, cleaner world to our children and grandchildren.

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