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I have a vision of a Murray that is a crossroads of community and opportunity. We’re a city yearning to keep hold of a proud past and reaching for an exciting future. It sometimes seems like a conflict- we must choose one or the other.

I see a better way.

I see a way to move forward boldly and build a more prosperous and inclusive Murray while treasuring the community that makes our city such an extraordinary place. These two impulses together can accomplish so much more than either one of them alone.

Joe Silverzweig

Smart Development

Sensible, Diverse Density

Murray is finding her way through a period of extraordinary growth and opportunity in this state, while also fighting fiercely for a city history that deserves to be treasured. Balancing the impulse to grow with the desire to maintain Murray’s unique character is one of the defining missions of this campaign.

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  • Permit density where it’s sensible and protect the vision of the General Plan
  • Strengthen and expand the Architectural Board so Murray looks like Murray
  • Diversify mixed use zones to allow for a variety of development types
  • Better infill zoning ordinances that encourage development without disrupting neighborhoods

Streetcorner Policing

Promoting Community Welfare

Protecting the community is a more complex problem than it use to be. Assessing the pitfalls and opportunities presented by modern public safety practices and working to build a system that brings the community together is a critical task for Murray’s government.

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  • Support and fully fund Murray Police
  • Add more tools to the public safety toolbox:
    • Community support and outreach
    • Mental health crisis response team

Government that Works

Open, Efficient, and Smart

Government transparency means a government you can see. Murray citizens deserve better- a government that sees you. Modern cities need to be proactive, inviting citizens into the conversation, encouraging and inspiring the locals to participate and share their perspective. Building a true partnership between government and community is a major motivation of this campaign.

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  • Actively engage Murray citizens and business with policy surveys
  • Customer service orientation for public facing city services
  • Outreach campaigns to educate and engage ALL citizens

Create Community

Dependable City Services

Murray should be designed for the people who live here, not the cars that drive through here. Communities grow up within and influenced by the streets, sidewalks, parks, and amenities that they are built upon. Murray will be stronger, safer, and more prosperous if we invest in what makes us special- our neighborhoods.

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  • Fund bike lanes, sidewalks, and crosswalks
  • Do not widen streets
  • Invest in microparks, pop-up community events, and neighborhood groups

21st Century Murray

Connected, Data Driven, and Responsive

Our shared responsibility to protect our environment has never been more apparent. Murray needs to conserve water and reduce our carbon footprint. We can use modern policy and new technology to do it while making the city more efficient and keeping it a beautiful, welcoming place.

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  • Invest in technology and change policy to reduce Murray’s pollution emissions and water use
  • Make Murray’s city-owned property water wise while preserving grassy play and gathering spaces
  • Expand approved landscaping approaches for businesses and residences so they can be water-wise
  • Begin replacing Murray’s fleet with alternative fuel or low-emissions vehicles
  • Examine Murray’s equipment and consider the polluting impact of lawn mowers, leaf blowers, ATVs, and more

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