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I started my campaign early this year with a listening tour. I connected with city staff, elected officials, and dozens of everyday citizens to understand their perspective on the direction of Murray. Read about some of those meetings here.

Check back for more information about what I'm doing, including thoughts from my conversations with voters, upcoming events, and meaningful moments from my personal life.

Joe Silverzweig

Policy Focus: Smart Development I had a great chat with Nick about the rise in dense development in Murray. He let me know that it was frustrating for him, as a hard working person who earned a solid wage, to not be able to afford to buy a home in the town that he grew...

Policy Focus: Common Sense Utilities I had some interesting conversations with about half a dozen Murray citizens over the last week regarding Murray utility billing, around which there is quite a bit of frustration. I’m working on setting up a meeting with a city to get some questions answered and a better understanding of what’s...

Policy Focus: Streetcorner Policing Today I heard the perspective of John P., a local Murray resident who feels frustrated by the recent rash of car burglaries and package theft. We talked about the need for neighbors to work together and how the internet age has made it harder to feel connected to the people on...

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