Help Spread the Word

There are ways to help for all sorts of people of every ability or limitation. Murray is a city that welcomes everyone, and this campaign will welcome everyone too. Connect with the campaign and we will find a way for you to contribute your time.

  • Like fresh air and talking to your neighbors? Hit the pavement and knock some doors (socially distanced) with Joe.
  • If you’ve got young kids at home or trouble getting around, make some phone calls, send texts, or commit to sharing campaign posts on social media.
  • For those who want to step up their involvement, consider hosting a COVID-safe event or helping out at a parade.

    Knock Doors
    Display a Yard Sign
    Make Phone Calls
    Send Texts

    Make a contribution today:

    Make a contribution today

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    P.O. Box 571551, Murray Utah 84157